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Health & Beauty » Megan Fox (Diet, Workout Routine,Style...)

Megan Fox is one of the most beautiful stars of Hollywood at the moment, so I decided to do a little research about her diet, her workout routine and her style. I found some really interesting information about how she prepared herself for Transformers 2 so hope you enjoy it!


Megan is a naturally thin girl, but she has some tricks for loosing weight:
· She uses apple cider vinegar when she wants to loose some weight. If you want to loose some weight you should one or two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before each meal. It is also important that the it is natural apple cider vinegar and not distilled.
· She usually also avoids grains, so she eats vegetables and fruits as carbohydrates.
· She also takes lot's of natural sources of protein, such as nuts, eggs and meat.


· She usually started her workout with planks, which are really good for getting flat abs.
· After, she would then spend 15-20 minutes doing a circuit that involved knee ups, leg swings, and ball leg lifts.
· She then took advantage of the increased heart rate by finishing off with 30 minutes of cycling. This was done with low intensity.
· She used body weight intervals to release the fat from the fat cells, followed by low intensity cardio to use these fatty acids for energy.


· Make-up: She is a huge fan of the eyeliner, which she uses a looot, sometimes with nude lips and some other times with red or pink bright lips.
· When she goes to events she usually wears really sexy clothes, but on every day bases she wears comfortable clothes such as sweatpants, loose shirts...

Frieda Pinto tops 'Most Beautiful Women' list

Indian beauty Frieda Pinto has outrun Hollywood stars like Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts in a new 'Most Beautiful Women in Film' list.

Compiled by the Los Angeles Times magazine, the list has the 'Slumdog Millionaire' star at number 38, followed by Oscar-nominated Portman and Hollywood's own 'Pretty Woman' Roberts.

Most Admirable Beauties in Hollywood

Known as a talented actress and former fashion model, Kim Basinger was on the cover of various magazines. She also appeared in hundreds of ads throughout 1970s. Collecting a lot of prizes for her acting career, Basinger was highly appreciated for her leading roles in “The Natural”, “L.A. Confidential”, “8 Mile” and so on.

Most Admirable Beauties in Hollywood

Demi Moore has left strong impression on people through her famous movies including “Ghost”, “A Few Good Men”, and “Indecent Proposal”. She is also famous as a cover girl for many magazines and the highest paid actresses in Hollywood in early 1990s. 

Most Admirable Beauties in Hollywood

Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Demi Moore and Kim Basinger are the most admirable beauties in Hollywood. They have drawn the attention of millions followers around the world due to their talent and beauty. Let’s see how they are beautiful and what they have achieved during their careers through some photos below:

Audrey Hepburn was famous for her beauty and her acting as well. The actress became one of the most successful actress in the world with many notable movies including “Roman Holiday” and “War and Peace”. Hepburn was recognized as an excellent UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and the third greatest star of all time.

Emma Thompson

Another participant of the famous British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League, Emma Thompson, recently expressed surprise at the current obsession with plastic surgery. "I honestly do not understand why people want to look 30 at 60 - she says. - I love myself, but without fanaticism and excesses that distracts from more important things in life."

Kate Beckinsale

At 39 years Kate Beckinsale looks stunning. Her elegant figure and radiant, smooth skin is often the reason people proclaim that the actress has repeatedly been in the offices of plastic surgeons. However, Kate does not cease to repeat, "I am literally afraid of a huge number of women who did plastic surgery" According to the actress, the best example for her is her mother, who never did any operations to improve her appearance and "still remains one of the most beautiful women on earth." 

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is also an opponent of plastic surgery. "This is contrary to my morals, as I consider myself to be strong enough to resist such a dubious adventure." Another argument is that the actress expressed is that the plastic may adversely affect the facial expressions and facial expression. "This is absolutely unacceptable in my profession," - says Kate.

Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz is a very talented and one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Naturally beautiful that is. Rachel, along with other Hollywood stars - Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson - is a participant of the British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League, and its main argument is hard to disagree: "If one looks perfect, this doesn't mean that he/she looks sexy and beautiful. "

J-Lo: Most Beautiful

Beating out other genetically blessed celebrities - including Zac Efron and Reese Witherspoon - Jennifer Lopezhas been named the most beautiful star of 2011 by People magazine. The publication’s annual list of Hollywood’s most attractive stars puts the multi-talented American Idol judge at the top, followed by High School Musical actor Zac in second and recently wed Reese in third. Also joining them in the top 10 are Jessica Simpson, Katie Holmes and Jennifer Hudson.
But despite her new enviable title, J-Lo insists she’s a down-to-earth, no-makeup mum, telling People magazine, “Just being able to touch my face and rub my eyes and put my fingers in my hair and not having to worry about messing it up -it's so much better.”
However, the same can’t be said for her three-year-old daughter Emme who loves makeup. “She is very girly-girl, just like me since I was very little. She loves for me to paint her nails,” says Jen. “She lays out her clothes on the floor like I do with my stylist and she's like, 'This matches very good!'” Ahh, cute.

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megan fox: most beautiful people have no personality

MEGAN Fox reckons good-looking celebrities use their beauty as a “mask”.

The Transformers star, 23, says just because Hollywood stars look nice on the outside, it doesn’t mean they’re nice on the inside.

“I’ve met endless so-called beautiful people who don’t seem to have personalities or a direction in life,” she said.

“They’ve never been forced to develop their characters because they’re viewed as being so attractive. So I think beauty can be a mask.”

Fox recently insisted she isn’t chasing fame.

“I try not to focus on fame,” she said. “I am not that aware of it all except at certain times like when I was on the press tour for Transformers and there were large crowds of people wherever we went.

“When I was at the Teen Choice Awards recently it was great. I got very nervous when they got to my category because I thought they would all be screaming for Beyonce but not for me. I thought it would get quiet when they announced my name, I was actually scared.

“But instead there was a huge eruption of screaming and cheering and that made me so happy. I am thrilled to have so many teenage fans. I think teenagers are the best fans to have and if girls like me, then I am extremely happy because I do not want to push the female audience away.

“It is a fine line that you walk when you are sold a certain way in the media.  I don’t think I have alienated girls, though, because it is usually teenage girls who approach me.”

Hollywood’s Most Beautiful Blondes

One of the most beautiful Hollywood blondes and a wife of Coldplay’s musician Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow is known for her healthy life-style obsession. She practices yoga, eats only natural food and uses organic cosmetics.

Hollywood’s Most Beautiful Blondes

People magazine named Cate Blanchett among 50 most beautiful women in the world. A mother of three, Blanchett is a three times Oscar winner and 5 times Golden Globe Awards winner, not to mention her numerous other awards.

Hollywood’s Most Beautiful Blondes

American pop-singer and actress Jessica Simpson is on the Top Hollywood Blondes list. Her songs, movies as well as her TV projects and shoes and purses collections she had designed made her a world star and an all-American sweetheart.

Hollywood’s Most Beautiful Blondes

Kim Basinger, “9 ½ Weeks” star and ex-wife of Alec Baldwin, remains beautiful at the age of 57.

Hollywood’s Most Beautiful Blondes

Helen Hunt, American actress, screenwriter, producer and film director, is also among the top blondes. She got four Emmy Awards for the lead role in the “Mad about you” sitcom.

Hollywood’s Most Beautiful Blondes

People magazine named Kirsten Dunst among the 50 most beautiful people in the world when she just turned 13. She won the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011 for her performance in Lars von Trier's Melancholia.

Hollywood’s Most Beautiful Blondes

Diane Kruger, a German actress and fashion model, is also on the list. The star of Troy and National Treasure is a perfect image of natural beauty.

Hollywood’s Most Beautiful Blondes

Actress and singer Scarlet Johansson also made it to the Hollywood Top Blondes list.

Hollywood’s Most Beautiful Blondes

Charlize Theron, an actress and a former fashion model of South African descent, opens up the Beautiful Blondes list.

Hollywood’s Most Beautiful Blondes

A blonde from Texas Hilary Duff, is one of the most promising Hollywood stars. Duff gained popularity playing in the television series Lizzie McGuire, starting her career as a film actress after that. 

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Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler’s smooth and clear skin is not just the result of her good genes. Her secret is her good skin sense. Through the years, she’s developed great skin care habits such as staying out of the sun, not smoking, not sunbathing, eating healthy, regular sleeping patterns, regular exercise etc. Something we should all learn from.

Jessica Alba

It seems that whenever I lay eyes on a top 10 list relating to beauty, Jessica Alba will somehow always sneak its way in. And usually her name will sneak its way up to the top 3 spots. Well this top 10 list is no different, Jessica Alba undoubtedly belongs in the number 2 spot with a glowing sun kissed complexion to die for. Her whole body glows with vibrancy that calls attention.

Natalie Portman

Don’t you wish you had flawless skin like Natalie Portman. I mean, I’ve seen thousands of photos and images from this girl with and without makeup and there is not a blemish in sight. Well we can only wish.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Not all girls with beautiful skin have to be young and in their twenties. Catherine Zeta Jones is definitely defying age as we know it. Surprisingly this ‘Elizabeth Arden’ Cover girl uses homemade skin care products to keep young. “I rub a mixture of honey and salt all over my body to moisturise and exfoliate, you wash it off and your skin is gorgeous”k – Catherine Zeta Jones

Hilary Duff

A few teenage blemishes here and there doesn’t stop this stunning teen glow with beauty. She’s young and her skin is pumping with elastins giving her smooth plumping tone.

Halle Berry

I don’t think many girls can pull it off looking glamorous with short hair. But Halle Berry with her short hair along with her radiant glowing skin is a fine specimen in the making. Scientists really need to get Halle into the labs and do a bit of research into those magnificent genes.

Reese Witherspoon

My Fair Lady. Her beautiful fair skin tone is something to be admired. Matched with her silky blond hair and striking green eyes she dazzling to watch.

Hayden Panettiere

This superstar from ‘Heros’ may actually have some real super powers up her sleeve……..the super power to zap away blemishes when they appear. Her blemish zapping powers must be her secret to her blemish free skin.

Paris Hilton

You’ll commonly find Paris in the top 10 of celebrity slip ups or top 10 celebrity boob slips. But in our Green Organics top 10 rank she surely serves a spot as one of the celebrities with the best complexions. Slut or not, you have to admit she is blessed with great skin…….At least for now! Lets see how long her great skin will last if she continues with her constant partying raves.

Celebrities with Beautiful Skin

Celebrities with Beautiful Skin Celebrities without photoshop and makeup can be shocking to see. Well I guess that’s what they do when they don’t want the public to recognize them on the streets.
Ok, lame jokes aside, here are the top 10 celebrities with the best skin tone and complexions with or without makeup.


Evangeline Lilly is just so demure and pretty with the most endearing smile and captivating eyes don’t you think?

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Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman looked great having painted her lips with pinkish lip gloss. Girlish rosy cheeks plus glossy pinkish lips makes wonderful beauty look!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is the recognized queen of dramatic lip makeup. But here I’d like to mention her pink lip makeup look that to my mind suits her best. What can be more attractive than flawless complexion spiced up with delicate pink lips?

Whitney Port

Whitney Port opted for an absolute Spring/Summer 2011 makeup trend – an orange lipstick color. Glowing complexion, orange lipstick and Hollywood smile made her look irresistible.

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld attracted everybody’s attention painting her lips with bright glossy pink lipstick. Well, an excellent way to make your lips stand out!

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried is very rarely spotted with lipstick on. But when Amanda paints her lips, she is in the spotlight. Paprika-colored lipstick perfectly emphasizes her beautiful full lips. But never couple such a bright lipstick color with bright eye makeup!

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller preferred to apply red lipstick to her lips and a bit of eyeliner to her eyes. Classy and therewith trendy all-time beauty look!

Emma Stone

Emma Stone painted her lips matte pink and made a wise choice, as matte pink lipstick color never better accentuates her pale porcelain complexion and gorgeous blonde tresses.

lipstick colors

In the Spring/Summer 2011 season every woman can find her lipstick color, as everything starting from nude shade to bright red or fuchsia one is considered to be ultra-fashionable. Moreover you can every time try different lipstick colors changing your beauty look. Need a good pinch of inspiration? Then our set of favorite celebrity lipstick colors will no doubt help.

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World's most beautiful woman

Introducing Carlizina Jolectron, the latest Hollywood beauty. On closer inspection, the stunning actress appears rather familiar. In fact, Carlizina isn't even a real woman - she's a digital combination of Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron and Carmen Electra.

This stunning brunette has Angelina Jolie's lips and hair, Carmen Electra's eyes and Charlize Theron's nose. Carlizina is just one of the entries in Photoshop website's contest to find the ultimate celebrity.

Is This the World’s Most Beautiful Woman?

Science suggests 18-year-old Florence Colgate just might be.

The ratio of the distance between her ears to the distance between her pupils is nearly 2:1 — the scientific ideal. Furthermore, the distance between her eyes to her mouth is just under a third of the distance from her hairline to her chin — another measure of perfect pulchritude.
The Deal, Kent native and her nearly symmetrical mug were recently named winners of "Lorraine: Naked" — a "natural beauty" contest organized by ITV's lifestyle program Lorraine. To win, some 8,000 entrants had to rely on their God-given good looks: No make-up or cosmic enhancements of any kind were allowed.
In addition to being crowned "Britain's most beautiful face," the Dover Grammar School senior and part-time chip shop employee will be featured in a nationwide ad campaign for beauty and health retailer Superdrug.
"Florence has all the classic signs of beauty," said Carmen Lefèvre of the Perception Lab at the University of St Andrews' School of Psychology. "She has large eyes, high cheekbones, full lips and a fair complexion. Symmetry appears to be a very important cue to attractiveness.

Beyoncé: Most beautiful woman in the world?

Beyonce has been named the most beautiful woman in the world by US magazine, People.

The 30-year-old chart-topper - who is married to rapper Jay-Z - beat a host of stunning celebs to be crowned the World’s Most Beautiful Woman for 2012 by People magazine.

Beyonce, who gave birth to a daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, in January, told the mag: “I feel more beautiful than I’ve ever felt because I’ve given birth. I have never felt so connected, never felt like I had such a purpose on this Earth.”
Beyonce has recently been receiving praise for her music fromm many other people in the business, with many talking about collaborations with the star. Earlier this month, Adele admitted that she would love to do a track with Beyoncé, and now Nicki Minaj has also claimed that she would love to work with the former Destiny’s Child singer.  
However, it seems that the most likely duet would be Beyoncé and hubby Jay-Z. The pair have already written some material about their baby girl. The couple cannot get enough of their daughter and have penned a track about their joy.

Other beautiful women included on the list are Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie, who have previously topped the annual list.
Do you think Beyonce deserved the title?

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Kate Hudson: World’s most beautiful – People Cover girl

Cover girl of the People magazine issue containing its latest “100 Most Beautiful” people list is — Kate Hudson.
The 29-year-old single mother and Oscar-nominated star of “Almost Famous”, daughter of actress Goldie Hawn, told the magazine that she can’t remember the last time she had a manicure or a facial.
“I don’t do those kinds of things. And when I do, I always think, ‘I should do this more often’,” she said.
Among others on the list were Halle Berry, who makes a record twelfth appearance, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Matthew McConaughey, Johnny Depp, Alicia Keys and Beyonce.

Ksenia Sukhinova is the Most Beautiful Girl in the World

The most beautiful girl in the world is Miss World 2008 Ksenia Sukhinova from Russia.
Miss Russia, Ksenia Sukhinova, was crowned Miss World 2008 in Johannesburg. The 1.78 m beauty will spend her year making appearances for various charities and important events. The 1st runner-up was Miss India, Parvathy Omanakuttan, and the 2nd runner-up was Miss Trinidad & Tobago, Gabrielle Walcott, with Angola (Brigith dos Santos) and South Africa (Tansey Coetzee) as finalists.

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Dania Khatib

Lebanese singer Dania Khatib was born on February 13, 1973, just missing sharing a birthday with Karima Adebibe.
She first started out as a presenter on TV, then went on to become the first Arabic VJ on an international TV channel.
Dania received the silver award for "Most Entertaining Arabic Program" at the Cairo TV & Radio Festival in 1998 for hosting the Arabic entertainment program "Zoom".
She released her debut album "Dania" in 1997, "Dania 2" in 1999, and a compilation album "The Best of Dania" in 2005.
Another Lebanese-born singer, Dania Abu-Shaheen uses the same name

Amal Hijazi

Amal Hijazi is a Lebanese singer, model and pop icon, born on February 20th, 1977 in Beirut, Lebanon.
After starting out as a fashion model, she began a singing career and released her first album, Akher Gharam in 2001.
She followed that up with Zaman (2002), Bedawwar A Albi (2004), Baya al Ward (2006), and Keef el Amar (2008).
In 2008, she was named the eighth Arab Sexiest Woman Alive, ahead of artists like Elissa, Nancy Ajram and Najwa Karam.
And as a matter of fact, she has had fairly public feuds with all three of those ladies.
Amal not only gets in trouble with people, whole countries have problems with her.
She was banned from performing in Kuwait, but no one seems to really know why.

Nicole Saba

Lebanese singer and actress Nicole Saba was born on June 26th, 1974 in Beirut, Lebanon.
She released her first album, Ya Shaghilny in 2004 and it spawned thirteen singles.
As an actress, Nicole has appeared in three films, El Tagroba Al Denemarkeya (2003), Tomn Dastet Ashrar (2006) and Kesit El Hai El Sha'aby (2006).

Asalah Nasri

Asalah Nasri (also known as Asala, Assala Nasry and Assalah) was born in Damascus, Syria on May 15, 1969.
She started singing when she was four years old, but she didn't release her first album till Law Ta'rafou in 1991.
Since that album, Asalah has released twenty three albums and well over thirty singles.

Even More of The Most Beautiful Arab Women

This beautiful young lady is Egyptian singer and actress Sherine.
Sherine Abd El Wahab was born on October 10, 1980 in Cairo, Egypt.
She released what was technically her first album in 2002, Free Mix 3 with Tamer Hosny.
It was singles as well as duets.
Her first solo album was Garh Tany (Another Wound) (2003), followed by Lazem A'eesh (I have to Live/Survive) (2005), Bataminak (I'm Reassuring You) (2008) and
Habeat (I Fell in Love) (2009).
Sherine has also released fifteen singles.
Besides singing, she appeared in the comedy film, Medo Mashakel (2002).
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