samedi 10 novembre 2012

Even More of The Most Beautiful Arab Women

This beautiful young lady is Egyptian singer and actress Sherine.
Sherine Abd El Wahab was born on October 10, 1980 in Cairo, Egypt.
She released what was technically her first album in 2002, Free Mix 3 with Tamer Hosny.
It was singles as well as duets.
Her first solo album was Garh Tany (Another Wound) (2003), followed by Lazem A'eesh (I have to Live/Survive) (2005), Bataminak (I'm Reassuring You) (2008) and
Habeat (I Fell in Love) (2009).
Sherine has also released fifteen singles.
Besides singing, she appeared in the comedy film, Medo Mashakel (2002).

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