lundi 4 juin 2012

New hot picture 2012 Olsen

Mary Kate and Ashley Fuller Olsen , born on 13 June 1986 in Sherman Oaks , in California , are actresses and designers U.S. . They are mainly known for playing the role of Michelle Tanner in the series The Full House . They are the big sisters of actress Elizabeth Olsen .
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were born in Sherman Oaks in California (Ashley is the older of two minutes) of David “Dave” Olsen (b. 1953 ) and Jarnette Fuller (b. 1954 ) in 1986 . They have an older brother named James Trent (born 6 May 1984 ) and a younger sister, also an actress, Elizabeth Olsen (born 16 February 1989 ). Their parents divorced in 1995 , they have a half-sister Taylor (born 1996 ) and one half-brother Jake (b. 1997 ) from the second marriage of their father to Martha Mackenzie-Olsen.

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