samedi 19 janvier 2013

Charlize Theron

Growing up in a farm in South Africa, Charlize Theron is an only child. She was born on August 7, 1975 to German and French parents. At the age of 16, Charlize won a modeling contest in her hometown. She had gone to New York and Europe to work as a model. She did not enjoy the world of modeling; she wanted to go back to her first love which was the ballet. However, an injury to her knee kept her from pursuing her dream.
In 1994 her mother, Gerda Theron, got her a one-way ticket to Los Angeles. As most actors who come to Hollywood learn, she experienced a period of difficulty getting noticed. An agent gave her his business card during one of her jaunts to a bank in Hollywood, and that was the start of something good for her. Later, she starred in movies like “Hollywood Confidential”, Mighty Joe Young”, “Cider House Rules”(nominated for Best Supporting Actress), “Italian Job”, “Monster” (academy award for best actress) and “Aeon Flux”.
English is a second language to Charlize and her first language is Afrikaans. Her face is one that you do not tire of looking at. There is a playful, sobering air when you first look at Charlize Theron.

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